Friday, May 20, 2011

coki + aly vs kitty nip sachet

special entry for Lupie

i've been looking for dry herb for cat nip quite sometimes. looking for all petshop around kota damansara n rawang but the only had a spray-type cat nip, until i come across a blogshop own by this lady

and finally i get new cat nip for my furrrbulus! ^_^

what is cat nip?

........ Catnip is a plant, scientifically known as "Nepeta Cataria".
Originally native in the Europe, now has much widespread in North America.

Cats are known to react to catnip in various ways. Some will rub, roll over it, kick at it, hiss at one another, in short, 'all high and nuts' for several minutes. Then, they will just walk away and ignore it for at least a few hours (or days!). It is important to give the kitties time to 'reset'.

'Nepetalactone' in Catnip triggers the "all high and nuts" response. The catnip reaction is inherited, and some cats are totally unaffected by it. Kittens less than 6 months are known not to respond. Senior cats are less sensitive and needs a longer time to 'reset'. Again, it all depends on Mr or Miss Kitty!

There's a plant found locally in Malaysia, known as "Kucing Galak", (Scientific name, "Acalypha Indica") which has a similar effect on cats too. Its roots are particularly potent. This particular plant is said to originates from India. (It is also known as Thai Catnip or Tam Yae Maew)
source: Bin

This is what happened to my kitties after they had the cat nip.....

coki, 6 month old...
i don't think she can react to the herb actually, but she really excited with the new sachet and she really envy if her 'brother' took away the sachet

coki's 'brother', aly 2 year old boy
he really get excited with the sachet! even the sachet is locked inside zip bag!!

berangan time... hihi

...and the sachet get wet! isk

hi mama.. i love this 'thing' can i have more??

'high' faces after getting cat nip.. hikhik


sillylupie said...

Awwwwww... sweet, sweet Coki & Aly!
It is lovely to see them so happy!!

zino said...

apa dalam bag tu hehe

Suara Kalbu said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaa..kamcengnya coki ngan ally... mindu kat coki

~mrs azmi~ said...

@Sillylupie: thanx to u too ^_^

@zino: dalam tu ada herbs 'kucing galak' tu yang dok gigit sachet tu sampai basah!

@Suara Kalbu: dah itu je kawan yang coki ada.. terrpaksala kamceng! hihi

ckLah said...

Pssst: Tak mai kenduri kat Sg Manila semalam?

~mrs azmi~ said...

@cklah: pegi!!! siap rewang lagi ari sabtu... cumanya kami balik awal. lepas pengantin sampai kami pun beransur


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